Lomi Lomi Nui: A Holistic Path to Healing and Transformation

Lomi Lomi blessing

Lomi Lomi Nui, also known as the temple style of Hawaiian massage or Kahuna Bodywork, is often referred to as “the most beautiful massage in the world.” This ancient practice encapsulates a multidimensional healing art that has been passed down through generations in Hawaii and eventually spread to other parts of the world.

Kahu (Abraham) Kawai’i, Aua’ia Maka’i’ole, and ‘Uliama, the fathers and founders of the practice, defined it as a “physiologically based psycho-spiritual healing and transformation.”

The Perfect Blend of Unique Techniques and Deep Awareness

  • Essence of Lomi Lomi: The essence of Lomi Lomi lies in the total presence and deep awareness of the practitioner during the entire session.
  • Flowing Strokes: The massage features rhythmic, continuous strokes reminiscent of ocean waves, inducing a profound state of relaxation.
  • Emotional Embrace: The nurturing, embracing touch envelops you in an emotional embrace, fostering calmness and balance.
  • Joint Rotations and Stretching: Lomi Lomi incorporates joint rotations and muscle stretching to release trapped energy and enhance mobility.
  • Aloha Spirit: The massage environment is imbued with the Aloha spirit, creating an atmosphere of compassion, acceptance, and healing.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi

  • Stimulation of Blood Circulation: The flowing strokes of Lomi Lomi stimulate blood circulation, releasing deep-seated muscle tensions and promoting relaxation.

  • Muscle Tension Release: Through its techniques, Lomi Lomi helps release muscle tensions, contributing to overall physical revitalization.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Joint rotations and muscle stretching facilitate improved flexibility, restoring movement capabilities and easing discomfort and pain.


Lomi Lomi legs stretching
  • Emotional Equilibrium: The flowing and nurturing touch of Lomi Lomi creates a soothing embrace, fostering emotional balance and a sense of tranquility.
  • Stress Reduction: By promoting relaxation and emotional release, Lomi Lomi reduces stress and cultivates emotional well-being.
  • Optimism and Joy: As emotional blockages are released, a newfound sense of optimism and joy naturally emerges.


Lomi Lomi
  • Positive Thought Patterns: Lomi Lomi redirects energy towards positive thought patterns, promoting acceptance, creativity, and freedom of mind.

  • Mental Clarity: The relaxation induced by Lomi Lomi aids in achieving mental clarity, allowing for greater focus and peace of mind.


Lomi Lomi
  • Spiritual Alignment: Beyond the physical and emotional, Lomi Lomi encourages spiritual alignment, helping you connect with your inner essence.

  • Holistic Well-Being: Achieving balance among body, mind, and spirit allows life-giving energy to flow freely, promoting holistic well-being.



Lomi Lomi massage is particularly beneficial for

  • People seeking holistic balance and emotional serenity.
  • Those eager to indulge in a profoundly relaxing experience that nurtures calmness.
  • Individuals on a path of personal transformation, where Lomi Lomi harmonises body, mind, and spirit.

* Please Note: Lomi Lomi massage is best suited for those familiar with full-body massage experiences.
The receiver is draped at all times, so genitals are covered, but it is preferable to be unclothed beneath the draping to allow your therapist to make flowing strokes from foot to shoulders easily and without getting any oil on underwear. I ask my clients to undress to their comfort zone, respecting their individual boundaries.

Embark on a personalised Lomi Lomi massage session with me. Allow the ancient wisdom to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and restoring health and well-being. Unlock a world of inner harmony, emotional tranquility, and renewed vitality. Reserve your session today!

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