Let your body guide you

Are you feeling disconnected, stressed, or burdened by physical or emotional pain?

By blending somatic awareness with the nurturing touch of Hawaiian bodywork known as Lomi Lomi, I offer a unique approach that empowers individuals to tap into their body’s innate ability and wisdom for self-healing.

Somatic therapy is a dialogue with the body. By attentively listening to and responding to the body’s cues, it aids in unraveling tension, breaking free from old patterns, and restoring a profound sense of wholeness and well-being.

Join me in this nurturing space of care and understanding, tailored to address your individual needs. You can seek inspiration, explore individual sessions designed to target your specific requirements, or venture further by participating in one of the retreats or workshops I offer, supported by my partner, Rafal. Whether you’re looking to find tranquility or share this transformative practice with others, I welcome you to this journey of healing and growth.

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Embarking on another chapter of our exploration into life's transitions, we've witnessed the profound impact of Temple Lomi Lomi in guiding individuals through moments of change and transformation. From Rachel's initiation into motherhood to John's journey of healing post-divorce, Emily's process of grief recovery, and Sarah's transition to a new career, each narrative has unveiled the potent influence of this ancient practice in nurturing the body, mind, and spirit. In the final chapter of our series exploring life's transitions, we delve into Mark's journey of relocation and acclimation to life in a foreign country




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Workshops tailored for individuals or pairs, where the ancient wisdom of Hawaii meets a holistic approach.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Deepen your understanding of your body and emotions, restore inner balance and well-being, and gain a fresh perspective on your life. Unleash your unique potential and tap into your innate healing abilities.
The individual training provides a wonderful opportunity to unwind, tune into your intuition, and acquire practical tools that enhance your everyday life.

Touch therapy

Powerful bodywork practice that uses the power of touch, gentle movement, and energy work to restore the free flow of energy in your body, thereby regaining balance and well-being. This is a highly beneficial support during transitional periods in your life, such as becoming a parent, going through a divorce, making career changes, moving to a new city or country, retiring, or recovering.

I offer one-on-one sessions based on Hawaiian bodywork (Lomi Lomi & Kahi Loa), each individually crafted to address your unique needs and intentions.

Body Play & Self-Care

Welcome to ‘Body Play – a unique fusion of movement, touch, meditation, and relaxation, crafted to nurture well-being, deepen self-awareness, and ignite growth. This approach invites exploration of bodily sensations and the emotional landscape through gentle flowing movements, somatic exercises, meditation in motion, relaxation, and improvisation. Embracing self-exploration and expression opens up a realm of possibilities for those on a transformative journey toward self-discovery and well-being.

I developed Body Play during my Lomi Lomi retreats, and now I share it with you in my weekly morning group session at Cherish

Retreats & Workshops

This is an invitation to delve deep into a unique space that blends the ancient wisdom of Hawaiian healing art, Lomi Lomi, with a truly holistic approach.

Quality and honesty have always been crucial to me. After years of conducting group workshops and retreats in Europe and New Zealand, I have recently reflected on my teaching methods. I aim to truly connect with my students, offering them my best support and a genuinely empowering experience that aligns with myself. Based on this introspection alongside feedback from my students, I have decided to redirect my focus to individual/personal teaching and training. Each training is now even more personal and distinctive, fostering an intimate atmosphere that supports not only enhanced learning but also introspection, transformation, and genuine personal growth.

In addition to my traditional Hawaiian massage workshops, I offer individual retreats designed for those eager to explore and expand their unique potential within a safe, nurturing environment. These carefully crafted retreats aim to help participants deepen their connection with their bodies, emotions, and souls, empowering them to transform their lives, heal, and explore their full potential.

I facilitate intensive individual training tailored for individuals or pairs. This intimate experience offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into the healing art of touch under my guidance and with my full support. Join me on this fascinating path, where personal growth and self-discovery seamlessly blend with the power of touch and ancient wisdom.

Below, you’ll find a video featuring testimonials from participants in my previous retreats and trainings, giving you a glimpse of the unique experiences that await you.

ReConnect to flow - Individual Hawaiian massagE Workshop (Level 1 or Level 2)

Waimairi Beach, Christchurch, South Island, NZ
Dates will be set up individually

This is an opportunity to look after yourself and learn a traditional Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui in the most effective way one-on-one with your teacher.

During this 5-days training, you will not only learn the technique and philosophy of this unique bodywork, but also have an opportunity to reconnect to your own body, heart, and mind, release unconscious blocks, and restore the free flow of energy in your body and your life.

This workshop will leave you more connected, rejuvenated, balanced, and full of energy.

Imagine immersing yourself in the transformative practice of ancient Hawaiian bodywork. Embrace your authentic self, free from self-imposed limitations, and cultivate deep connections.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to awaken your healing potential, create a fully supportive connection with your own body, and learn the most beautiful massage in the world.


touch therapy

Unique Approach

Whether you’re navigating significant life changes such as a breakup or a career transition, or grappling with personal challenges like apathy, anxiety, low self-esteem, recovery periods, or body-image struggles, I am here to support you.

Recognizing that each person is unique and faces different needs at various points in their journey, I tailor my approach to touch therapy accordingly. I provide individually customized bodywork and touch therapy sessions, along with personally crafted programs, designed not only to offer immediate relief but also to deliver a lasting and truly transformative impact.

Are you ready to embark on this journey that respects your uniqueness, harnesses the power of touch therapy, and integrates various methods to empower you on your path to true and enduring change?

Lomi Lomi blessing

The Methods

The touch therapy and bodywork sessions I offer blend the practice of attuning to bodily sensations (somatic awareness) with the nurturing touch of traditional Hawaiian bodywork: Lomi Lomi and Kahi Loa, complemented by other bodywork techniques, breath-work, and mindfulness practices. This unique approach empowers you to connect with your body’s innate ability and wisdom to facilitate self-healing and deep transformation.

It’s more than just a massage; it’s a conversation with your body. By attentively listening to and responding to its cues, you can unravel tension, break free from lingering patterns and traumatic experiences, and restore a sense of wholeness and well-being.

For a deeper understanding of this approach and the benefits it offers, please refer to the descriptions of Lomi Lomi.

If you’re curious, you can also learn more about what a Lomi Lomi session with me looks like.

How Does It Work?

During our initial consultation, whether in person or online, we will work together to create a personalised program that combines bodywork, touch therapy, and counseling sessions tailored to your unique needs and intentions.

Additionally, I will introduce you to a range of self-care resources, including grounding exercises, breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices to support you on a daily basis. Together, these elements will have a lasting impact on your life. If you are looking for real change, overall health improvement, or profound transformation, I highly recommend this approach, which is also cost-effective compared to booking single sessions from time to time.

Alternatively, you can simply book a Lomi Lomi session with me.

Advance booking is essential


About me

My name is Izabella. Originally from Poland, I now call Aotearoa, New Zealand, my home.

Touch has always been my innate language—a natural way to connect, communicate, and express the ineffable. However, during my years of “career building,” I lost touch with this instinctive gift. My life was filled with gala premieres and international film festivals. As exciting as it was, it was also stressful, and pushed me to my limits, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and drained.

I found balance and reconnected with my true nature through the practice of ancient Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian healing art.

I am eternally grateful for the profound guidance and support I received from my teachers, including the Kānaka Maoli (native Hawaiians), who allowed me to dive deep into this practice and reignite my natural gifts. Among them, especially Kumu Susan Pa’iniu Floyd, a student of Kahu (Abraham) Kawai’i, Aua’ia Maka’i’ole, and Serge Kahili King, who was trained in Hawaiian shamanism by the Kahili family of Kauai Island. I am also deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from Maka’ala Yates, a student of Aunty Margaret Machado Kalehuamakanoelu’ulu’uonapali Aha’ula Keali’i – the Kupuna of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, who is known as one of the first Hawaiians to teach outside of their ‘ohana (family).

My Lomi Lomi teacher training, which took place in Hawaii a few years ago, was a sacred journey through the land and its traditions with the guidance of my Kumu. This unique opportunity allowed me to dive even deeper into the ancient practice of Lomi Lomi.

In my touch therapy practice, which I have been offering since 2015, I also incorporate Kahi Loa, another Hawaiian bodywork art performed by the Kahili family from Kauai Island, and some elements of PeLoHa – the massage designed by Alan Earle, a healer from Australia. Alan Earle combined various elements of many massage techniques and traditions, including those from native Australians, to create a deeply harmonizing treatment for the body, mind, and heart.

Years of practicing various techniques of bodywork and touch therapy have enhanced my deeper understanding of the power of combining touch and deep presence in the process of healing and transformation. I sometimes describe myself as “a body listener and storyteller, but instead of using words, I use my hands.”

I support people during their periods of recovery, transition, or transformation through touch therapy, bodywork sessions, personalized counseling, and mentoring rooted in both Hawaiian tradition and the somatic approach. To share my passion for the power of touch combined with deep awareness, I also facilitate empowering workshops and retreats.

If you would like to meet me, co-create a workshop or retreat, or simply want to learn more about my offerings, please feel free to send me a message

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