Lomi Lomi Session with Me: What to Expect

Lomi Lomi basic stroke on back

Most people who come to me for Lomi Lomi massages have never experienced this before, and some have never had a massage at all. Not knowing what to expect can sometimes lead to fear or discouragement.

Lomi Lomi is a unique and “different” massage, as described by most of my clients. However, it’s also a holistic, therapeutic, efficient, and incredibly relaxing bodywork practice rooted in ancient traditions.

While each session is distinct, there is a common structure among them.

Different massage therapists or bodyworkers have varying styles or protocols, so receiving Lomi Lomi from someone else might appear different. Keep in mind that I practice Lomi Lomi Nui in this particular manner.

So, what does a Lomi Lomi session with me entail?

When you arrive, we will begin with a brief conversation. I’ll offer you some herbal tea and ask a few questions: What do you hope to gain from this massage? What results are you seeking?

I’ll inquire about your health, any recent injuries or surgeries, or any information about your health or life situation that you’d like to share. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me questions. I’ll invite you to take a moment to establish your intention for the session, whether it’s to release tension from your body or your life or to invite positivity into your life. This intention is personal and need not be shared with me.

After our initial conversation, I’ll provide you with some privacy to get ready for the session. Before I step out of the room, I’ll encourage you to set your intention and light a candle. After this, you’ll disrobe to your comfort level, secure any long hair, lie face down on the massage table, and cover yourself with the sarong I’ve provided for you.

During a Lomi Lomi Nui session, genital areas are always covered and not massaged. If you’re comfortable removing your underwear, I can work on your sides, hips, and buttocks. If you prefer to keep your underwear on, that’s perfectly fine – I suggest choosing undergarments that you don’t mind getting oily.

If lying on your belly is uncomfortable due to health concerns, I’ll position you on your side or back.

Once settled comfortably on a heated massage table, I’ll enter the room and adjust your posture – arms at your sides, knees, and feet slightly turned outward. If you have any discomfort in your neck, knees, or shoulders, I’ll make the necessary adjustments for your comfort.

With the music playing, the massage will commence. I’ll uncover you, leaving your genitals covered with the pareo. Applying warm oil, I’ll start massaging, usually beginning with your back and progressing to your arms and legs. I’ll gently move and stretch your body, with no need for assistance from you – simply relax and breathe.

After the back massage, I’ll ask you to turn over:

I’ll re-cover you with the pareo, allowing you to turn, and I’ll proceed to massage the front of your body, starting from your head and shoulders to release tension in these often tight areas. Once again, I’ll use fluid movements, uncovering the areas I’m massaging – arms, legs, abdomen, and chest. While breasts are not massaged in Lomi Lomi Nui, I’ll uncover your chest to work on the chest bone and the spaces between ribs. I’ll also perform under-body movements by placing one or both hands beneath you to massage your back in this position – an incredibly soothing and unique experience.

The final area to be massaged will be your face.

The entire massage will last around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your chosen duration and the flow of the session. Each massage is distinct, and sometimes the conclusion may require additional time.

Upon completing the massage, I’ll cover you with the pareo, lower the music, and allow you to relax and return to the present moment. Following the massage, I’ll once again give you some private time to dress and take a shower if you wish. We’ll then have a chance to discuss the session, if necessary. I can share insights and answer any questions that arise during or after the massage. Additionally, I’ll offer you plenty of water – an important step in supporting the cleansing process initiated during the massage.

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