Diving Deeper into MY Lomi Lomi Practice and Reading Messages from Bones

Lomi Lomi practice

A few years ago, just before the onset of the COVID-related chaos, I embarked on a journey to North Island. It was a sunny, windswept day when, during a visit to Karekare Beach, a Maori stranger approached me and said: ‘Welcome home! Did you know that your ancestors trod this very land, eons ago? And now, you have returned.’ These words resonated deeply within me, and from that moment, I began to listen more intently. Allow me to provide some context: Three years prior, upon first setting foot in Aotearoa with my partner Rafal, I felt a deep need for a welcoming ceremony, a connection to this land and its people. That day, I felt it happened.

As I mentioned, the second message he conveyed initially puzzled me: ‘You must delve deeper into your hands-on practice. This is just the beginning. You will learn, or rather, remember, more and more.’

At the time, we were complete strangers, he unaware of my identity and me ignorant of his. Later, I learned that he was a Matakite, a seer and healer with over 30 years of experience. He harnessed Karakia, energy, Wairua, and physical point work to facilitate healing, unveiling hidden aspects and strengthening connections.

Several months after that fateful encounter, I found myself edging closer to comprehending his message. I began perceiving and interpreting messages from bones during my sessions, uncovering glimpses of people’s life experiences, emotions, and unmet needs. Occasionally, these messages grew astonishingly precise, illuminating past events, highlighting areas in need of healing, and offering guidance on releasing or inviting specific energies. Initially, I grappled with these experiences, keeping them to myself, wondering if they were mere illusions or self-suggestions. However, I mustered the courage to share these insights with my clients, always asking for their permission first. During one such instance, a first-time visitor underwent a Lomi Lomi session, and her bones narrated a story she had carried for years. Her body signaled that it was time to let go, providing guidance on how to achieve this and emphasizing the importance of the present moment. I shared this with her, acknowledging it might be a product of my imagination, and encouraged her to embrace only what resonated with her. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she thanked me, confirming the story’s authenticity. She felt prepared to release the emotions entwined with her past and step boldly into the future.

These experiences occur more frequently during the bodywork sessions I offer. Unique stories, messages, and guidance surface as I listen attentively with my hands on the bodies of my clients. While I maintain some reserve and caution with these insights, I no longer ignore them. I share them with my clients, allowing them to decide how they wish to embrace these revelations.

PS Nga mihi, Tony, for that seemingly random yet profoundly meaningful meeting, for the words you shared with me that day, and for the subsequent conversations we had after that. Your presence remains with me forever.

On the 27th of August ’22, the day you surrendered and allowed your wairua to soar, I had just returned from my European trip. I keenly felt your spirit as it embarked on a journey toward the light of a new day. Death, they say, is the dress of life, and on that day, you simply shed the burden of your body, but your spirit is present here and always.

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