Individual Lomi Lomi Training (level 1 or level 2)

This is an opportunity to look after yourself and learn a traditional Hawaiian massage Lomi Lomi Nui in the most effective way – one on one with your teacher.

During this 5-days training, you will not only learn the technique and philosophy of this unique bodywork, but also have an opportunity to reconnect to your own body, heart, and mind, release unconscious blocks, and restore the free flow of energy in your body and your life.

This workshop will leave you more connected, rejuvenated, balanced, and full of energy.

During this 5-day individual, one-on-one workshop, you will learn the basics of Hawaiian (Lomi Lomi Nui) massage and will be able to start giving massages right away! This workshop intentionally was designed for 1 max 2 participants It gives you comfort and an individual approach. To ensure the best environment and quality of learning. And for me, as the teacher allow me to accompany you fully in your process. This is the way I like working the most.

In order to take part in this workshop, you do not need to be, or even want to be a professional massage therapist. The course we offer is for people who are interested in starting or deepening their massage practice and bringing Lomi Lomi to their clients and community. It is also for those who do not wish to become a massage therapist but want to connect to their healing abilities and share this massage with their loved ones, family, and friends.

This workshop is facilitated by a certified teacher and is equivalent to Kino Mana Level 1 according to Kino Mana Training System, Aloha International, Hawaii. 

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