Lōkahi – Hawaiian way of wellbeing

Lōkahi Triangle

The concept of Lōkahi is deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture and it encapsulates a profound philosophy centred around harmony, balance, unity, and diversity. It provides a holistic framework that unlocks insights into health, relationships, and the essence of life itself. At its core, the Lōkahi Triangle visually represents the interconnected principles that underpin this concept.

Lōkahi: A Tapestry of Harmony, Balance, Unity, and Diversity

Lōkahi goes beyond a mere philosophy; it recognises the intricate web of interconnections and interdependencies that shape our existence. It echoes that genuine harmony and balance can only be achieved when all elements of life move in synchrony. This extends beyond the physical realm to encompass the mind, spirit, environment, relationships, and the broader community.

An inherent facet of Lōkahi is its celebration of diversity. It isn’t a pursuit of uniformity; instead, it treasures the uniqueness that each individual brings to the tapestry of life. Embracing varied perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds enriches the collective fabric of society, infusing it with strength and beauty.

The Lōkahi Triangle: Unveiling a Holistic Framework

Visualised through the Lōkahi Triangle, this philosophy encapsulates three pivotal aspects for cultivating harmony and balance in life: the mental, the physical, and the spiritual. These dimensions are inherently intertwined, and their alignment grants a sense of profound well-being and unity. Moreover, the triangle extends its vertices to encompass the environment, relationships, and ancestral bonds.

Mental Aspect: The first vertex represents mental health, cognitive well-being, and emotional equilibrium. It underscores the significance of nurturing a positive mindset, mastering stress, and fostering emotional resilience.

Physical Aspect: The second vertex pertains to physical well-being, encompassing bodily health, nutrition, exercise, and rest. The Lōkahi principle acknowledges the profound impact of the physical state on mental and spiritual wellness.

Spiritual Aspect: The third vertex delves into the spiritual dimension, nurturing the inner self, connecting with a higher purpose, and fostering spirituality. This deeply personal facet encompasses practices like meditation, introspection, and harmonious communion with nature.

Beyond the Triangle: A Wider Tapestry of Connections

Expanding beyond the three vertices, the Lōkahi Triangle interweaves the environment, relationships, and ancestral connections:

Environment: Recognising the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the natural world, Lōkahi emphasises the significance of living in harmony with the Earth. It calls us to acknowledge our role as Earth’s stewards.

Relationships: Lōkahi accentuates the value of wholesome relationships, particularly within families. It champions open communication, empathy, and mutual support, recognising their pivotal role in overall well-being.

Ancestral Connections: Anchored in ancestral wisdom and heritage, Lōkahi underscores the continuum of wisdom across generations. Honouring the legacy of those who came before us bridges the past and present, fostering connection and continuity.


The Lōkahi concept and its emblematic Triangle provide a profound blueprint for holistic well-being. It encourages us to seek equilibrium within ourselves, with others, and within the world. By embracing diversity, nurturing interconnectedness, and tending to all facets of existence, we can strive to attain the state of Lōkahi—a state of unity, balance, and harmony.

This explanation has barely scratched the surface of Lōkahi’s essence. However, its true vitality shines when put into practice. To delve deeper and experience the tangible application of Lōkahi, consider exploring its transformative and healing power through touch therapy and life counselling, both of which I offer. You can also refine your skills of its practice during one of the retreats or trainings I facilitate. Feel free to reach out and embark on this journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

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