Navigating Life’s Transitions Part 3 Healing from Loss and Grief with Lomi Lomi

Emily's story - loss and grief transition

Continuing the Life’s Transitions series, after Rahel’s story of embracing motherhood and John’s story of healing after his divorce, today, I want to share with you Emily’s courageous journey, with her permission, of course. I hope it will serve as a beacon of hope for those navigating loss and grief.

Emily, a young woman in her twenties, sought refuge after the sudden loss of her beloved grandmother, who had been her rock and guiding light throughout her life. Overwhelmed by grief and a profound sense of emptiness, Emily struggled to find meaning and purpose in her everyday life. Her friend Anne, my regular client, recommended the Lomi Lomi Temple session, and that’s how we met.

During our first meeting and Emilly’s first-ever Lomi Lomi session, tears flowed freely as emotions and memories came to the surface. She shared with me afterward, that as I touched her tired body and held space for her emotions, she felt a sense of warmth and comfort enveloping her, as if her grandmother’s loving presence was wrapping her in a protective embrace.

Through the healing power of touch and the unconditional love that Temple Lomi Lomi held for her, Emily found solace. After this initial session, we had a few more in the following weeks. With each one, she experienced a gradual easing of her grief, allowing her to honor her grandmother’s memory while finding the courage to step into a new chapter of her life, still feeling the gentle and supportive presence of her grandmother.

The ritual and practice of Temple Lomi Lomi provided Emily with a safe space to process her emotions, release her pain, and reconnect with the love and support that surrounded her.

Emily’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative healing that can occur through the support of Lomi Lomi. In the depths of grief and loss, she found solace and strength, allowing her to navigate life’s complexities with resilience and grace. If you are going through a loss and grief period in your life at the moment or know someone who does and needs support, I’m here for you offering the power of Temple Lomi Lomi. Help yourself and book a session or consultation.

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