Inner and Outer Navigation In the Lomi Lomi Practice

Lomi Lomi Technique - arm rotation

The essence of the Lomi Lomi I practice and teach is a dance of unity and interconnection between physicality, emotion, and spirit that transcends the boundaries of touch and technique. It’s also a journey where the map of the body leads to the depths of the soul. Within this journey interplay two dimensions of navigation: the outer and the inner one. They both intertwine and complement each other to allow this profound journey toward transformation and healing can happen.

Practitioner’s Perspective:

In the early stages of the Lomi Lomi practitioner’s journey, outer navigation plays a pivotal role. It involves mastering the intricate choreography of strokes, joint rotations, and movements that define Lomi Lomi’s signature flow. Eyes and memory become allies as the practitioner commits to heart the sequence of strokes that mimic the constant flow of ocean waves. This outer navigation provides the practitioner with a structured framework, allowing them to create a safe and comforting environment for both themselves and the recipient.

As the practitioner masters the technique, a beautiful transformation unfolds—the transition from external to internal navigation. This shift marks a deepening of connection beyond the physical movements, strokes, and joint rotations. The practitioner’s hands evolve into sensitive instruments, intuitively guided by the recipient’s unique energies and responses. No longer reliant solely on memorised sequences, the practitioner embraces the subtleties of touch, diving into the unspoken language of the body.

This inner navigation requires a heightened state of presence—a letting go of preconceived patterns and embracing the dance of intuition. The practitioner becomes a guiding companion for the recipient’s healing journey, helping dissolve emotional and energetic blockages. This profound connection goes far beyond technique; it’s a sacred dialogue between giver and receiver, a dance that invites the recipient to explore the depths of their being.

Recipient’s Perspective:

In the realm of Lomi Lomi Nui, the dynamic interplay of inner and outer navigation unfolds as a transformative journey for the recipient. It is a voyage that begins with the outer touch and culminates in a profound exploration of the self’s inner landscape.

At the outset, the outer navigation of Lomi Lomi serves as an introduction—an invitation to surrender to the healing power of touch. The practitioner’s skilled hands traverse the body with deliberate strokes, creating a bridge of connection between the giver and receiver. These initial sensations gently draw the recipient’s awareness away from the outside world, allowing them to sink into the inner space.

As the session progresses, the outer navigation evolves into a rhythm, akin to the heartbeat of the Earth itself. The recipient’s attention shifts from the distractions of the mind to the sensations that the practitioner’s touch evokes. The strokes guide the recipient on a journey—a journey inward, toward the landscape of their own body and emotions.

Then, the transition occurs—an effortless shift from outer to inner navigation. The strokes that once primarily soothed the body now become conduits for emotional release and introspection. The recipient embarks on a journey of self-exploration, under the intuitive guidance of the practitioner’s touch. With the practitioner’s skilled hands as their compass, the recipient navigates the labyrinth of their emotions, memories, and energetic imprints.

Inner navigation becomes a sacred dialogue—a profound connection with the body’s wisdom and the spirit’s longing. As the recipient surrenders to vulnerability, emotions that were long held within find a safe space for expression and release. The practitioner’s touch acts as a mirror, reflecting the interplay between body, mind, emotions, and soul.

In this journey led by the inner navigation, the recipient finds liberation. With the practitioner’s touch, they unlock the door to healing, allowing emotions to flow freely. The recipient’s journey through inner navigation becomes an intimate dialogue with the self, fostering a sense of renewal, acceptance, and self-discovery.


The journey of Lomi Lomi Nui is a harmonious blend of touch, energy, and intention. It traverses the landscapes of both the practitioner’s art and the recipient’s inner world. Outer navigation forms the scaffold upon which inner navigation is built—an intricate dance that bridges the gap between technique and intuition. As practitioners and recipients embrace the delicate interplay of inner and outer navigation, they embark on a transformative voyage, ultimately arriving at the heart of healing, connection, and self-awareness.

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